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About Redico, Inc.

Our Value, Our History, Our Future…

Value added services? How many times has that phrase been thrown around without people defining the meaning of the words? At Redico we think we know the meaning and are committed to exemplifying it. We have the Expertise, Resources, and Time that provide a value to our customers.

Our Value

We have the Expertise. Our combined experience in the marketplace is over 90 years. We have dealt with over 2000 customers in seven states, and our knowledge ranges from what is the best and most popular shopping cart, to what temperature ice cream should be kept. We know the pulse of the industry, what has failed, what has succeeded, and what is new on the horizon.

We have the Resources. We represent the best companies in North America, among them are Hillphoenix, Anthony and Technibilt all leaders in the industry. With the array of products we have to offer, we can handle almost any need you have. Combine their experience with ours and the database of knowledge is almost unlimited. Our sales people and inside support staff are committed to bringing this knowledge to our customers.

We have the Time. We dedicate the necessary time to locate and provide the best possible equipment to make every customer successful. And if there is a problem, we take the time to fix it.

Our History

In business since 1984, Redico started in the Convenience Store Industry and grew into the Supermarket, Home Center, and Retail markets in 1988. In that time we have won over 50 awards from the companies we represent for being the best at what we do…service our customers. The awards are called “sales awards”, but we realize that sales come by way of great service. We believe that if you order something from us you should not have to worry about it again. We will take care of it.

Our Future

We realize our future is totally dependent on our customers. We have to go to work every day and earn your respect. Although we know we have been extremely successful in the past, we realize it is just the past. What can we do to earn your business today?

1850 South Lee Court • Buford, GA 30518 • 800–242–3920